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CHICAGO, IL — (Marketwire) — 08/17/12 — How often do we complain about our favorite sports team not executing the fundamentals of the game? Take baseball for instance. The fundamentals haven’t changed in a hundred years: hitting, throwing, fielding, and running. The average American six year-old knows them.

Same applies to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Like their “inside-baseball” counterparts, many SEO experts tend to focus on the minutia, hoping to eke out fractional ranking improvements while the broad majority of websites ignore the fundamentals.

Ignoring fundamental SEO carries a downside risk: A prospective customer types “your keywords” into Google and all the search results are your competitor’s.

1 Million Site ResearchNew research analyzing one million of the most popular websites worldwide shows that just 9.6% of these sites have fundamental web page elements correct. Search engines, like Google, use these elements in their ranking formulas to find and properly index content on web pages.

“This creates an opportunity for small and midsize businesses to leapfrog their competitors by simply following SEO guidelines and regularly publishing relevant content on their websites,” said John Fox, CEO at Venture Marketing.

“Even with the world’s greatest content, beautiful graphics and killer headlines, if you’ve done a poor job with basic on-page SEO elements or Google can’t find your web page, you’re not going to show up when a customer searches on ‘your keywords,'” Fox added.

Free Self-AssessmentTo help businesses and individuals detect these web page errors, Venture Marketing has set up a website that generates free web page scorecards with interactive tips for fixing mistakes at:

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