People sometimes enjoy reading the comments section of a blog more than they enjoy reading the blog itself. But do comments have an impact on your SEO?

Blog commenting for SEO has been shown to have some serious results when it comes to getting positive SEO for your blog via trustworthiness scores from Google, and also for collecting blog commenting backlinks.

Did you know that SEO comments on blogs can be used to get backlinks to your website or online marketing?

Blog commenting can be described as a comment that is left on a blog by readers who wish to exchange an idea, opinion or query.

It makes a blog a place for discussion and interaction.

A blog comment may be a show of appreciation from readers, or may be a query that is asking for more clarity on the subject of the blog.

How did backlinks from blogs become so widespread?

It all began one day, when Google decided that it would allow its crawlers to maneuver through the comment section of blogs.

Once marketers found out about this, they started to comment on numerous blogs by citing the name of their website in the personal details form.

Google soon caught up to this and began to look for comments that only shared relevant information and contextual responses to blogs.

These highly-relevant responses are traced by Google and act as backlinks to your website.

Why is blog commenting important?

Blog commenting in SEO earns a blog more SEO points as it increases the Trustworthiness score of your blog.

SEO Blog commenting leads to conversation on blogs that strengthens the relationship between the blogger and the reader.

Blog commenting does more than get you more loyal users though. It also gets you valuable backlinks to your blog and more traffic to your website.

(You should be taking advantage of blog commenting because your competitor probably is.)

How should you be using blog commenting

When using blog comments backlinks for your SEO it is important to remember that comments should be contextual and relevant to the blog.

A blog comment should feel like a mini blog post. It should be relevant to the blog and read out like a continuation of the blog.

If you don’t know how to get blog comments, you can hire seo experts in Mumbai who can help you search relevant blogs and comments that can get approved easily.

SEO blog commenting and Back linking

Blog commenting is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get a backlink from another website to your blog.

Anyone who comments on your blog automatically leaves a backlink from their website or profile to your blog.

While this may not be a lot of help or your SEO if you have just one or two comments, it will have a decisive effect if your blog receives lots of comments and interaction in the comments section.

How to get Backlinks from SEO comments

As you already know, forms on your website are really important as they allow you to capture data of new leads for your business.

For many websites, users have to fill up a lead data form in order to comment on a blog.

Within this data are common questions that ask for your personal information like name, email and website.

If the user enters his website URL in the comments form, this automatically creates a back link for your blog.

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing?

Search engine optimization or SEO as it is abbreviated to is defined as the stream of Digital Marketing that aims to get your product ranked on search engines.

Using SEO, blogs and websites can increase their ranking on search engine pages. The goal of SEO is to have your page ranked first in the search results of Google or any other search engine. If you don’t have advance SEO knowledge then you can join SEO Course in Pune.

Blog commenting can help your business collect more leads

A blog is a source of quality leads for businesses that wish to grow. Here;s how:

Often people have to mandatorily fill up an online form to leave a comment on a blog.

This personal information of your readers are a valuable source of leads which you can use to remarket to, or add to your mailer campaign.

Webpage forms are a tried and tested way to get more leads. You can also create a pop-up for when the user is still reading the blog. Here, you can have a prompt for the user’s personal details like name and email address.

Blog commenting helps you grow your network

Are you looking to grow your network of connections and get more backlinks for your website?

Leaving comments on a blog can encourage the blogger to reply to your comment. If you leave multiple comments on different blogs this will gather the interest of bloggers and a website.

This can be a great way to increase your network of bloggers. You can ask them for backlinks to your website or for writing guest features on your website.

Blog commenting increases your page authority

Google has an algorithm that ranks pages according to Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

Having numerous comments on your blog helps you pages rank as they make your website a source of authority according to Google. However, it should be noted that comments should seem organic, should not be spammy, be highly relevant and have high-authority. These sort of comments and their backlinks are highly valuable to websites that are looking for backlinks.


Comments on blogs can be a useful source for backlinks to your website. However comments should be authoritative and trustworthy in order to get the best results for SEO. Blog comments can also be used to grow your network as a blogger and increase the amount of traffic that you get to your website.