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Customizing your business needs

The world of business and trade is more complex than ever and is experiencing unprecedented challenges. If your company is engaged in sourcing material that requires cross border movement to Canada, there is an invisible line to cross that requires attention. Companies will utilize Customs Brokers to facilitate the clearance of the goods in to Canada, but did you know Importers are ultimately responsible for the information that is given to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Let’s face it; not every company is of a size to justify the need for a Full-Time Customs expert on staff. But there may be times your company wished they did, to handle these questions or challenges that arise related to imports.

There are companies who may have an internal person or team tasked with managing Customs related matters. However there may be situations that this bandwidth isn’t quite enough for the current challenges and the ROI for additional Full-Time assistance is just, not there.

Regardless, additional knowledgeable support is required. This is where MW Trade Consulting can assist.


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February 16, 2023