SEO should not be a stand-alone tool but should instead be part of a wider strategy, experts have claimed.

Writing for marketing blogger Mark Fagan claimed that SEO was more to do with aligning a business with what the search engines deem to be of good quality, meaning they need to be more diverse than ever.

With search engines now putting increased focus on content and social media, Fagan claimed that these aspects need to play a central role in any SEO strategy or risk it not working to its full potential. Instead, these can be used to further align a site with the search engine’s requirements and see it rise up the rankings as a result.

“Times have moved quickly in the SEO universe – now the key focus is for brands to align with Google’s vision of what should constitute a search engine results page,” Fagan claimed.

“SEO should not be seen as a stand-alone discipline, but now needs to be fully immersed in the communications strategy with content development and ideation as the key output agencies are tasked with. It must now be fully integrated with social media, be content led and must have the consumer at its very heart.”

Fagan’s comments were echoed by fellow blogger Jennifer Lonoff Schiff who that social media marketing can effectively be used to boost search engine rankings.

Schiff claimed that search engines are now putting more importance on social media content than ever before (especially Google with its ‘Search Plus Your World’ feature). As a result, businesses should think about using social sites not just to boost their consumer relations but also help with their results page rankings as well.