The global pandemic, known as COVID-19, has affected almost every area of life for people around the world.

The global economy is suffering from an epidemic, enterprises are changing strategies, saving up money and getting ready for the worst.

But the reality is that a business can flourish in times of downtime. This new world will also have its winners and losers. And many of the winners will invest heavily in Search Engine Optimization.

In this article, we will consider 5 reasons why you should continue to work on SEO in these difficult times.

Search Engine Optimization Can Bring Real Money: In times of economic downtime, money is power. In these periods, those who have cash or cash receipts survive to survive difficult times.

The only marketing technique that provides a higher return on investment than Search Engine Optimization is an email newsletter.

However, mailing lists do not grow on trees. They can be obtained by creating demand, and Search Engine Optimization is one of the best tools to achieve this.

But this is not relevant. Search Engine Optimization, both paid and organic, reaches the consumer when he is in a state of need. Forget Attribution and the Top of the Funnel. Search Engine Optimization generates sales and leads because the consumer is already associated with your brand when he is looking for your product or service.

At the same time, people still need goods and services, even if they live in quarantine. In fact when people are mostly at home, they seek even more, not less. By placing your brand in their field of vision, you speed up the decision to purchase.

Even if the total sales of your product or service are falling due to savings or a pandemic, you can compensate for some of your losses by investing in a comprehensive search marketing program that will allow you to reach those consumers who are still willing to make purchases.

The Result of an Investment in Search Can Be Measured: If you are aiming at the top of the funnel, but experiencing a lack of funds, it makes sense to reorient your efforts towards consumers with a more expressive intention to make a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization focuses specifically on this category of users, but more importantly, you can prove that your work was effective. Unlike brand awareness work, Search Engine Optimization is easier to evaluate. All you must do is look at sales or potential customers in the analytics system.

This allows you to optimize your budget and work processes if necessary. In the coming months, customer behavior will necessarily undergo significant changes. In this situation, it is important that your promotion actions are data driven.

Search Engine Optimization is reactive in nature. Competent marketers respond to data and change tactics accordingly. So, they can transfer their budgets to those key phrases that may have a more expressed intention to buy, or promote content that will correspond to the current mood of consumers.

According to the CEO of VFMSEO, an SEO Optimization Service Provider: “The success of the search engine optimization services is far ahead of just the rankings and now as the latest updates of the algorithms by many search engines, many rankings have suffered and only the affordable local SEO Company will take pride.”

But in the end, if you do not have a big budget, every dollar spent should be effective. With search marketing, you can quickly find out if your investment works for you.

When There is a Shortage, People Seek: We all already see signs that some products will be difficult to find soon. When goods are scarce, consumers are looking for them. If the goods are not in stock, they will look for alternatives.

If you can find yourself in search results when people are looking for scarce goods or services, then your business can get a huge advantage. The types of deficits that we can see in the coming months will be unprecedented for many of us.

Promising marketers will look for opportunities for:

  • Capitalization on the shortage of certain items.
  • Started work on ranking for queries related to these items.

Many SEO specialists will conduct link building campaigns related to alternatives for those products that are prohibitively expensive and difficult to find. Those who can benefit from SEO will be in a better position, as their spending on keywords related to scarce goods is likely to grow as demand increases.

People Still Need Goods and Services: Even though some Facebook users have already panicked, the end of the world has not come yet, and people still need goods and services. And as we said above, Search Engine Optimization – both organic and paid – is the best way to attract consumers who are ready to make purchases.

We do not claim that Search Engine Optimization is always a quick fix, but to run a campaign on Google Ads, for example, you only need a few hours, or even less.

When management begins to panic, a proposal to launch a marketing campaign in search engines can calm him down for a while. Especially if such an activity has not been conducted before.

In the End, Everything Will Settle Down: Over time, everything normalizes. The world may be different, with new standards, but the situation is stabilizing, and Search Engine Optimization will continue to be one of the most effective ways to reach consumers.

Those companies that implement effective downtime promotion programs will be rewarded when everything normalizes. Especially those who invest in search engine optimization. Although the results from SEO can be quite fast, the overall effectiveness of search engine optimization is not achieved overnight.

An effective SEO campaign takes time. At the same time, working on search engine optimization now, during the period of global restructuring and changes, it is possible to lay the foundation to get results for many years to come.

And these results can provide your company with income that will enable it to survive difficult times. Therefore, we urge all companies to either continue or begin active work in search marketing. We remember what happened in 2009, and now the situation is not much different.